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          Shaping the Future of Play

          Site Evaluation

          Location, location, location!

          The location for your recreational area is just as important as the project itself. In preparing for a new recreational project it is important that your site meets the following requirements:

          • A level surface free of debris or contamination. 
          • Ability to excavate to allow for installation of play structure support columns and adequate fall protection surfacing.
          • Foot traffic can freely bypass playground area to ensure safety of all guests and avoiding unnecessary degradation of fall surfacing. 
          • Easy access to restroom facilities and other site amenities.
          • A safe use zone of six feet or more around all play components.  
          • Adequate natural shade or the ability to add shade as necessary. 

          Once your site meets these requirements it is recommended that the site be inspected and measured by a Sports & Recreation Associates representative in order to create site maps that can be used to accurately position play components. 

          Please call us toll free at 724-478-1775 in Apollo, Pennsylvania for a no-cost consultation on your next project, or to determine if your project might fast track through COSTARS.

          Sports & Recreation Associates Water Slide Project in Murrysville, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

           Sports & Recreation Associates Water Slide Project in Penn Hills, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania