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          Shaping the Future of Play


          2020/2021 catalogs are now available!  Contact us to receive your copy today!

          We will help you bring your vision to life!

          Sports & Recreation Associates specializes in equipment services and maintenance that makes your recreation facility or playground look their best year-round. We are a full-service recreation company serving western Pennsylvania that handles all of your project needs. Sports & Recreation Associates has been providing services, installing, and constructing recreational facilities including:


          Contact us now to become one of the many satisfied clients we've helped throughout the years.

          Whether it is a small or large project, our expertise will enhance the safety, look and value of your project. We are centrally located to serve western Pennsylvania. Contact us toll free at 724-478-1775 in Apollo, Pennsylvania for a no-cost consultation on your next sports or recreation project, or to determine if your project might fast track through COSTARS.